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[ROM] [5.1.1][19.02.2016] Phronesis Rom v6.0 FINAL For N900X 4G LTE + #7三星中...

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2.刷 bootloader跟Modem(bootloader放在BL...Modem放在CP)


Odin 3.10.6

Phronesis v6   -             md5 =   8ca5d6e07cd9473f65ac51e639035825

[waiting...] - Thanks to my friend @smegg

Phronesis v5.2   -             md5 =   4db8f6862df6a759beaf3cfbac2b7cba

[AndroidFileHost] - Thanks to my friend @smegg

Phronesis v5.1 - md5 = ce1a02e56ca1471d4c92d928b60c8481

[Mega] - https://mega.nz/#!KUVDyLhT!1gGyQ ... yI1ZRUaC2mpgagaRn-c
[AndroidFileHost] - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24391638059057695 - Thanks to my friend @smegg

Phronesis v5.0 - md5 = 36c22fc6f3470fa5b8ef90a11a6fb19a

[Mega] - https://mega.nz/#!aZkDVCgZ!z2WLynUQO...yGo1EwSZoTGoU8
[AndroidFileHost] - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24369303960682944 - Thanks to my friend @smegg

Phronesis v4.1 - md5 = b94586b26392af4f9ad2b7880beb811d

[Mega] - https://mega.nz/#!2NMyjKbI!HPUWp ... IEu3wObtLfuOxpd799o
[AndroidFileHost] - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24345424848487748

Phronesis v4 - md5 = 3f74803475450f9c27b05253dfb0dd07

[Mega] - https://mega.nz/#!bdt3Gaza!IWejP ... pIoFJvYS5feZxJOggro
[AndroidFileHost] - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24336189125296270 - Thanks to my friend @smegg

Rom Installation:

1. Download Phronesis rom and save it to your phone memory or sd card
2. Get a good recovery. TWRP recovery recommended
3. Boot into recovery ,factory reset (full wipe, clean install is recommended). Make choices in Aroma.
4. Reboot after successful install and wait for best rom in town to build. Allow about 10 minutes for first boot.
5. Your phone will reboot once after the first boot to complete customisations..
6. Sit back and enjoy

For full wipes Rom Releases:

V2 will require a clean flash (i.e. full wipe is required) and I will suggest that when it is finally released that you wipe from recovery as well as from aroma following this steps:

1. Boot into recovery (say TWRP)
2. Select wipe in recovery menu
3. Select Advanced Wipe
4. From the resulting window, select to wipe system, data, cache and dalvik cache (of course after backing up your rom / data)
5. Swipe to wipe the selected partitions.

That's recovery wipe completed.

In Aroma menu when you get to option to wipe, select:

1. Select "Full Wipe" radio button
2. Select "Full wipe 1" radio button
3. Select your CSC as desired
4. Continue making other choices as you like....


1. Aroma rework to seamless update or change mods without any issue. On v3, you still have to select items like camera, sound mod etc when updating mods even when you don't need to update those, this leads to ART rebuilding in most cases and taking longer for phone to reboot. Now you only select what you want and nothing else will be added.

2. Option to select the following in Aroma install: Camera type, CSC (over 120), device type, sound mod, framework frames, hosts file, kid’s mode, launcher (4x5 and 5x5) and USSD

3. Update or change mods on the fly without any fuss

ROM Features

Now fully support QMG. You can now install mostly all Note 5 applications without fuss as long as the DPI is right. Thanks to Aurora team for making the qmg to png possible.

Based on European N5 release N920CXXU2AOK6


- All Note 5 apps
- All N5 framework
- All Language enabled
- Multi DPI - Keyboard might not scale correctly at certain dpi, please test.
- USSD works
- AppLock enabled - launch from Smart Manager
- App Optimization enabled - launch from Smart Manager
- Ad Free (you can disable from Phronesis ROM Control)
- Auto Call Recording - Auto call record included On/Off from Rom Control
- Manual Call Record - ROM Control - Native call record
- Advanced Power Menu
- Over 30 toggles enabled
- All App Multi Window
- Memory Cleaner option on expanded notification with switch. Set colour in rom colour
- Mute/Vibrate/Sound option in power menu.
- Autostart added
- Hand Writing Recognition
- Type long SMS as usual
- Side Key Panel fully working and editable
- Hide application
- Update mostly all apps including latest Smart Manager
- Scroll capture correctly aligned at all DPI
- Latest Audio driver
- Note 5 Kid's Mode - select in aroma
- More Private Mode support
- Better support for Note 3 camera. Other camera works well too. But with N5 Port, don't expect all modes to work correctly for any of the camera
- Disabled scrolling cache for smooth scrolling experience
- Fix issue for some user who can't use a single page on launcher
- System made official to support functions / applications that depends on it
- Android Mashmallow toggle style
- Better graphics
- Stagefright vulnerability fixed
- More stability
- Phronesis custom notification background. Thanks to @Morningstar

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V4.1 Final Changelog
1. Multi window
2. Newer icon for Internet, Email, Music and Settings icons in all DPI
3. Fixed Keyboard misalignment in landscape in 420 DPI
4. Fixed Smart select misalignment for all DPI
5. Fixed Volume icon
6. Fixed Samsung TTS
7. Fixed S-Voice settings FC
8. Replace Easy One Hand operation with Note 4 one by popular demand
9. Remove Phronesis Rom wording from the notification panel
10. Libs clean-up
11. Clean up dormant toggles
12. Code clean-up
13. Removed safe warning volume
14. Fix Italian reboot menu. Safe mode now added
15. Rom control rework
16. Smart Manager Brazilian improved translation - credit to @LeandritoG
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可以求個三星中文鍵盤嗎?  找了很多都刷不過去~~!   謝謝
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另一個解決的方法就是,在論壇內找【終極專業相機 Camera FV-5 v3.0 繁體修正版】,裡頭就有連拍的功能,這個版本的功能也有提升~多出蠻多好玩的功能


到目前我給 V4.1 的這版本打95分~



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